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Brownie Bash$5.79
Towering dessert with layers of cake, chocolate pate and brownies.
Baked Alaska$4.79
Chocolate cake with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Topped with toasted meringue.
Raspberry Chiffon$4.79
Layers of cream cake, raspberry mousse, raspberry glaze sprinkled with toasted almonds
New York Cheesecake$4.79
Original cheesecake
White Russian Mousse$5.79
Delicious combination of white and dark mousse, liqueur soaked sponge cake, and topped with chocolate cake.
Banana Foster$4.79
Creamy stack of cake, fudge, banana and rum ice cream.Topped with banana mousse.
Special family recipe which is light and rich at the same time! Espresso soaked sponge cake and whipped mascarpone cheese.
Chocolate Mousse$4.79
Light but intense Belgian chocolate mousse, with deep chocolate cake.
Sweet Italian Indulgence! Crispy shell filled with smooth cannoli cream with chocolate chips. Served with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.